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My copyright policy

Is kind of an honor system. Anyone can download anyone of my photos and use it anyway they want. If you think you can make a few bucks on it, be my guest. However, I do have a couple of requests. Not demands just a request. 1: Help in any way you can. Give me a plug. Mention one of my web sites or give me a link. I don’t sell too many of my pictures and never have. Mostly just gave them away. So at 66, I am just looking for a few ways to help fund my habit of taking pictures and seeing some of this world I never got around to in my younger days. I would have no objection to a toke, tip, gratuity, or other donation you might want to toss my way. And if you do just go here to my Donation Page I thank you for your interest and please enjoy the photos. For further assistance on obtaining a photo just email me.